Dr.Enzyme is an enzyme based liquid soap company rooted in Traditional Chinese Medecine. It was born in China and is today implanted in Singapore.

This is a big self initiated family project. Meiying Zhou a traditional medecine practicioner from China based in Singapore. 
She happens to be my partner’s mother, photographer and retoucher Xi Chen. In 2019 I took the initiative of finding a name and creating a premise of an identity that kept expanding. We’ve launched in 2021 four lines of product for which I did the art direction, design, typography, illustration. We did the initial writing and storytelling of the brand with Xi and had friends helping along the way. This is an ongoing project, only available for purchases in Singapore for now.

Role: art direction, graphic design, concept, naming, illustrations, typography, logotype, motion graphics, website, animations, (hand modeling


Meiying Zhou, inventor and initiator of the liquid soap formula is traditianal medecine practicioner also referred as Dr.Zhou. That is where the idea of the name Dr.Enzyme came about. It’s almost like Meiying Zhou’s genuine nickname that I imagined her student could call her.

Custom made font and logotype.

The first initial line of product is the body wash and shampoo. A very unique invented formula inspired by TCM using fermented pant enzymes as cleaning agent.

Label for the 280 ml of body wash.
(Front) The label wraps around from the front to the side, leaving one corner of the bottle empty. (Side)

Label for the 280 ml of the Shampoo

Label for the 280 ml of the Shampoo for dry or Coloured hair. (Front) The label wraps around from the front to the side, leaving one corner of the bottle empty. (Side)

Label for the 280 ml Foaming Face Was

Logotype Abreviated, for the social media’s profile tab.

Instagram. Photo of ingredients by Xi Chen.

︎︎︎ Ecommerce Website working with Shopee SG.

︎︎︎ Label for the Skin line. Ginger Relief Blend, Vital Scalp Serum, Ginseng Enzyme Oil.


︎︎︎ This is the founder, Mrs.Zhou’s business card

︎︎︎ The snake, for all the nokia fans out there

︎︎︎ Mini tote used as gift bag for sets buys.
Dr.Enzyme’s Home Line

︎︎︎ Label for the Home Line: Air Freshener Spray.
︎︎︎ TCM logo, Tradiditional Chinese Medecine being at the root of the brand, this logo serves as a reminder mark throughout Dr.Enzyme’s identity.

︎︎︎ Label for the Home Line: All Purpose Cleaner.