Dr.Enzyme is an enzyme based liquid soap company rooted in Traditional Chinese Medecine. It was born in China and is today implanted in Singapore.

This is a passion project, initiated by Meiying Zhou a traditional medecine practicioner who happen to be my partner’s mother, photographer and retoucher Xi Chen. I took over the art direction, design, naming, typography, illustration and we both with the help of friends work the story and copy writing.

Role: art direction, graphic design, concept, naming, illustrations, typography, logotype, motion graphics, website, animations, (hand modeling)

︎︎︎ Flyer per individual products for boutiques and shops.

︎︎︎ Custom made font and logotype.

︎︎︎ Label for the 280 ml of the Shampoo for dry or Coloured hair. (Front)
︎︎︎ The Label wraps around from the front to the side, leaving one corner of the bottle empty. (Side)

︎︎︎ Logotype Abreviated, for the social media’s profile tab.

︎︎︎ Photo of ingredient made by Xi Chen

︎︎︎ Label for the 280 ml Foaming Face Wash.

︎︎︎ Ecommerce Website working with Shopee SG.

︎︎︎ Label for the Skin line. Ginger Relief Blend, Vital Scalp Serum, Ginseng Enzyme Oil.


︎︎︎ This is the founder, Mrs.Zhou’s business card

︎︎︎ The snake, for all the nokia fans out there

︎︎︎ Mini tote used as gift bag for sets buys.
Dr.Enzyme’s Home Line

︎︎︎ Label for the Home Line: Air Freshener Spray.
︎︎︎ TCM logo, Tradiditional Chinese Medecine being at the root of the brand, this logo serves as a reminder mark throughout Dr.Enzyme’s identity.

︎︎︎ Label for the Home Line: All Purpose Cleaner.