Title sequence for Noisey World, a TV show from Vice broadcasted on Viceland. 

The show is about music and mostly music cutlure around the globe, Noisey World covered large from Compton to Sao Paolo, Miami, Atlanta and much more.
This was pretty much a one man job, where I came up with the concept, design, and then animating the whole thing, the collages the rotoscoping as well as the title animation at the end.

This is the opening shot, of the title sequence. The bottom is a shot or Compton with the kids running, the top shot was shot in Brooklyn.

I found a collection of Atlanta’s high aerial shots from Vice’s footage library, with some patient I’ve rotoscoped 3 shots and cutout between the roads and layed them out to create a mesh of highways. The reminded me music hardware cables running behind the consoles.

One of the requirement of course was to show different aspects of the music scene, the dancing, the record studio, but I tried to no be too literal and to show these elements with a different angle. As the show is kind of in a roadtrip exploration I wanted to blend the urban landscapes with music components.

A big part of this project was to dig in Vice library and try to find gems of shots that could be used as a base for a composition, like this amazing dancing move from that boy.

At the end of each title sequence, one shot was specially made for the location. 

This is one example of the special made shot per location, Sao Paolo wheeling boy and City timelapse upside down in the sky.